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Thursday, September 24, 2015

French Desk

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. At the store we are getting ready with our new theme of the season. That means decorating!! Remember last year? This is when I can get to be even more creative. I wind up spending too much time on it but I love it! I can't wait to show you when it is done.

In the meantime, I got a few desks in. One kidney shaped, two french.
One was a child's french desk. As I was gathering them to show a customer, I had them stacked. The woman bought the large french desk. Another woman cam in and saw the child's desk and had to have it for her granddaughter's room. She brought in fabric so it could have a custom look.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall Light-Up Topiary

Don't you just love fall? 

All the beautiful colors and textures are everywhere. Once again I find myself decorating and sprucing up the house. I am always looking for a way to create something. Last year I decorated outside with some fun budget friendly ideas. This year I am looking for table ideas.

I just love all the fall decor out there. The pumpkins come in all different colors, textures and sizes. 
When I came across this Owl candle holder I knew I would incorporate all this in my design.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Mid Century Chest of Drawers

Lots of things going on around here. We are headed into the holidays and things are hustling. Dreamingincolor will be 2 in a couple of months!! I can't believe it. 

The biggest news is my son got engaged on Aug 4th. I will be in wedding mode from here on out!! Not only am I getting a daughter-in-law, I am also getting a grandson who is 6 years old!! Instant grandma and I cannot be more thrilled. He is just adorable. They also just bought a house so hopefully they will be shopping for some furniture at Dreamingincolor! *wink *wink

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Starburst Clock

Don't you wish you had more time?

Well I can't help you there but what I can do is show you how to keep track of it creating this trendy Starburst Clock.

If you look in all the magazines lately you will see another "old" trend resurfacing. Starbursts!
Starburst mirrors, clocks and wall decor. The are made from everything, wood, metal, and various objects. If you look at this trend you will also notice they can be quite pricey.

When I see something too trendy I decide it is better to make it myself. It saves money, period.
This is not always the case but when you shop smart you can make some affordable decor.
I love the ease of this project too.

There are few supplies and steps to achieve this look. 
On my little shopping excursion to Old Time Pottery I fell in love with these clocks and the colors available. Turquoise is another trend right now and boy do we love it!

I found a 16" clock that was turquoise with white numbers and silver chrome casing. This is how I got started.

There were all types of silverware. I went with a complete set so I had different sizes and varieties. Large and small forks and spoon. I left the knives out this time. I matched the chrome with the clock casing.
*NOTE Make sure the silverware utensil handles are flat. I learned this by doing. It is much easier to apply when flat

You may notice a table in this picture. I am going to use this too. Lets just say you are getting two for the price of one project today. You can choose your favorite!

One important thing to have on hand for this Starburst Utensil Clock is E6000. The glue will set the silverware firmly to the back of the clock.

Choose which utensils you want to use. To keep them spaced apart I used the minutes on the clock as my measuring guide and a sharpie to mark on the side where I need to glue. This help so there is no flipping the clock back and forth.

Use something heavy to place on top of handle. The weight will help the piece adhere to the glue. Let dry overnight.

Love the fun look!

And remember the table from above. It is a 15" inch round. The 16" clock fit perfect on the top of it to make it in to a clock table. 

Talk about simple! I love the look and it fits perfectly.

So there you have it. A clock used in two trendy affordable ways.
Some great home decor or back to school furniture.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Painted Antique Wardrobe

Wardrobes like these are hard to find. When I do find them I am amazed how beautiful they look when painted. The details show up so much more and the refreshed look makes them desirable.
I have painted a few antique wardrobes now and like any piece I do, I have to ponder about the way I decide to paint it.
Like this Audrey Hepburn one.
I want something different.
Something that isn't all over Pinterest.
Something artistic...

So I started painting this piece. I used Country Chic paint in Harmony and vanilla frosting. I added stripes with painter's tape and had to do some touch up when I pulled the tape off but all and all I love the way it came out. Paint really makes the piece come to life. All colors are fun. It just has to fit to me like my red wardrobe I painted.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fish bowl Centerpiece and cooler

It is officially summer and the outdoor entertaining continues.
Lots of picnics and gatherings with food, ice cream and lightning bugs!
Anytime there is an event, I like to decorate. When I discover something that doesn't take a long time to do but adds impact to the decor, I jump on it.

This project is one of those times!

I have never used water beads before. While I was shopping I discovered these. They come in different colors too. They are normally used for flower arrangements but not this time.
I wanted a beachy feel.

I came up with an Aquarium Centerpiece Cooler.

This little project is not only great for adult tablescapes but children's parties too.

I started with a few supplies I found at Old Time Pottery.

1 Trifle Dish
1 bag of seashells
1 fish gems
2 waterbeads
LED lights optional
shell tablecloth

Fill trifle dish with about an inch of shells to cover bottom and come up on sides.

I love the variety of color and texture. There is enough in the bag to add more. 

Then pour the two containers of water beads in the bowl on top of shells.

These are so awesome! I love the color too. Perfect for the water of the aquarium.

Then I found these adorable fish gems

I pulled out all of the fish shapes. There were all colors. I stayed away from the blue ones because they didn't show up in the water. I pushed the fish along the sides of trifle bowl down into the waterbeads. I alternated colors and put them all around the sides.

Now for the best part!

I added a bowl to fit the top. I experimented with cooling the water beads. First I put them in the refrigerator. That worked! Then I decided to try the freezer. That worked too! I was able to put some pasta salad in the bowl above and keep it cool for the picnic! DO NOT mix the beads with food.

I added the shell print tablecloth to complete the look.

You can add the LED lights for night time parties. Push them down in the middle of trifle bowl.

Love this idea and cannot wait to use these water beads again!!

There is still a lot of summer left to enjoy this. Hope you give it a try!